"Aikido Development Center" has been created by top Russian athletes and their master Sergey Borodulin, who had been certified with 8th dan by the world famous founder of Real Aikido Lyubomir Vracharevich (10th dan, Yugoslavia). "Aikido Development Center" is public organization and it operates all over the world.

There are dozens of dojos which operate across the Russia, Cyprus and Jordan.

The organization is welcoming children from 5  to 15 years old and adults of all ages to attend the classes. Take the great opportunity to join us right now and attend your first class for free!

The activities such as seminars, competitions, belt certification and summer school are held on the regular base.

Seminar in Moscow.

The seminar is being held in Moscow for everyone from 02.07.21 - 04.07.21 at the teacher Aleksandr Afanasievich Filimonov's dojo, located at: Moscow, Danilovskaya embankment (Danilovskaya naberezhnaya) 2, bid 4.
The seminar starts at 16:00 on 02.07.21, the seminar ends at 16:00 on 04.07.21.

Participation applications are accepted till 25.06.21 and should be emailed to: filimonov.dojo@gmail.com 
Contact number: +7 499 235-40-11, calling hours: 17:00 - 18:00 (Moscow time).

Seminar participation cost: 3000 rubles.

Bring: something you can take a shower or wash your face with (a wash kit), comfortable clothes (sweatpants and sweatshirt for inside and outside exercising, t-shirt, wind jacket, and running shoes).

Seminar training program includes:

1. a special sleep organizing technique.
2. a special food/meals organizing technique.
3. a special breathing technique.
4. a special body condition organizing.

In loving memory of the Teacher and the good man. 
On 09.02.20021 Miyagi An’ichi would have turned 90. 

An’ichi Miyagi was a student of Chojun Miyagi, the actual founder of Okinawa Goju- Ryu karate. 

An’ichi Miyagi was born in Naha, Okinawa, on 9 February, 1931. He lost both his parents during the Second World War, and he was the only one to support his two younger brothers. The three brothers were living in the Daido area, a mere five-minute walk away from Chojun Miyagi’s home. An’ichi landed a job on the Kaneda military base. An’ichi heard about the Sensei from his friend and a co-worker, Kaho Tokeshi who was originally from the Kumejima island. The two friends decided to pay Chojun Miyagi Sensei a visit so that he could allow them to become his students. Later An’ichi invited two more friends, and they started training in a group of four. An’ichi’s first karate lesson was on 1 February 1948. 

The lessons were taking place at the Sensei’s home while the students were newbies. Later they moved to the legendary Garden Dojo. The four students were feeling nervous in the beginning. One of the Sensei’s first instructions was to quit smoking. Once this was done, Chojun Miyagi Sensei began to teach them Junbi Undo. Sensei told them that those exercises were aimed at developing power, improving health and that they enabled to perform kata very easily. 

Each member of the The Team has a lot of experience in both training and teaching.


Центр Развития Айкидо, школа Сергея Бородулина

Dojos Dojos of "Aikido Development Center" are accepting people who want to be engaged in this martial art.

The effectiveness and simplicity make our classes suitable for everyone and there are no specific skills required.

The Aikido Development Center holds seminars and certifications twice a year.

There is always a friendly atmosphere in dojos, because Aikido is not just a martial art with a set of techniques, but a philosophy of harmony with the world that allows you to effectively neutralize the enemy’s aggression using his own strength, and possibly make him a friend is close to the traditional morality of the peoples of our great country.


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